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100 1 _aCotton, David
245 1 0 _aUpper intermediate market leader :
_bbusiness english course book /
_cDavid Cotton, David Falvey, Simon Kent
250 _a1a. ed.
260 _aEdimburgo
_bPearson Educación
300 _a175 p.
500 _aInclude CD-Rom; activity file page 132; grammar reference page 146; audio scripts page 152; glossary page 168
520 _aCOMMUNICATION. TALK ABOUT WHAT MAKES A GOOD COMMUNICATOR. Listening: an interview with an expert on communication; Reading: a quiet word beats sending e-mail-financial times. INTERNATIONAL MARKETING. TALK ABOUT INTERNATIONAL BRANDS. Reading: Diego Della Valle: Italian atmosphere is central to tod’s global expansion-financial times; Listening an interview with the professor of international marketing and the CEO of a training organization. TALK ABOUT BUILDING RELATIONSHIP. Listening: an interview with the head of global corporate responsibility of a major company; Reading: how east is meeting west business work. DOING BUSINESS INTERNATIONALLY. SUCCESS. DISCUSS WHAT MAKES PEOPLE/COMPANIES SUCESSFUL. Listening: an interview with the MD of a technology development company; Reading: profile: Carlos Slim-the telegraph. JOB SATISFACTION. DISCUSS MOTIVATIONAL FACTORS AND DO A QUIZ. Listening: an interview with the director of HR at major company; Reading: Marriott hotels international/KPMG-the Sunday times. RISK. DISCUSS DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF RISK. Listening: an interview with the MD of the institute of RISK management; Reading: internatiolisation-risk or opportunity?- financial times. WORKING IN NEW MARKETS. MANAGEMENT STYLES.DISCUSS DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF MANAGEMENT STYLE. Listening: an interview with the author of a management book; Reading: Anna Wintour/Jim Buckmaster-CBS/ times online. TEAM BUILDING. TALK ABOUT WORKING IN TEAMS AND DO A QUIZ. Listening: an interview with the founder of a team-building company; Reading: recipes for team building-financial times. MANAGING INTERNATIONAL TEAMS. CUSTOMER SERVICE. DISCUSS FACTORS IN AND IMPORTANCE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. Listening: an interview with a manager of a top restaurant; Reading: customer service is changing the world: up close and global-financial times. CRISIS MANAGEMENT. DISCUSS WAYS OF HANDLING CRISES. Listening: an interview with a professor of ethics with and social responsibility; Reading: how not to take care of a band/expect the unexpected-financial times. MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS. DEFINE AND DISCUSS ACQUISITIONS, MERGERS AND JOINT VENTURES. Listening: an interview with the director of M&A research center; Reading: green targets-corporate knight. INTERNATIONAL NEGOTIATIONS
542 1 _aCotton, David
700 1 _aFalvey, David
700 1 _aKent, Simon
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