Carter, Ally

Cross my heart and hope to spy / Ally Carter - 1a. ed. - New York Scholastic Inc 2007 - 236 p.

“DID YOUR COVERT OPERATIONS COUSEWORK EVER take you the town of Roseville, Virginia?” Even in that sterile room beneath Washington, D.C., I could almost feel the hot humid night last September. I could almost hear the band and smell the corn dogs. My stomach growled as I said, yes·” Polygraph guy made precise notes and studied the bank of monitors that surrounded him. “Is that when you first noticed the subject?” Here´s the thing being a spy in love: your boyfriend never has a name. People like polygraph guy were never just going to call him josh. He would always be the subject, a person of interest. Taking away his name was their way of taking him away, or what was left of him. “And you utilized your training to develop a relationship with the subject?” “Gee, when you say it like that-“ “Yes or no, Ms.-“ “Yes!”



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