Miyazawa, Lenji

Strong in the rain : Selected poems / Lenji Miyazawa - [s.l.] Bloodaxe Books 2007 - 125 p.

PREFACE TO SPRING AND ASHURA. Stop working. Love and the fever. Curse of the nightscape of spring. Scenery and a music box. IPPONGINO. Departure to a different road. Jealous of the dawn. Granddaughter of a celebrated Buddhist monk. Night. My heart now. The winds are calling by the front money. AM I DESTINED TO DIE TODAY? We lived together. Whatever anyone says. Politicians. If i cut through these woods. EARLYL SPING MONOLOGUE. The story of the zashiki bokko. Shouldering the flowers of the narcissus. Around the time when diluvia period ended. Red cutter. In delirium. TODAY WITHOUT FAIL I. Ambiguous argument concerning spring clouds. Sapporo city. Smoke. Village girl. A DWELLING. Shadow from the future zone. On the train. The sun and taichi. Hill daze. Valley. Mount i wate. A impression. THE SWORDMEN`S DANCE OF HARATAI. Pine needles. The morning of last farewell. Burning desire`s past. The sun sheds slivers of topaz. The Tsugaru Strait. THE PETALS OF KARMA. Ana icy joke. January on the iwate light railway. High grade mist. Cloud signal. A report. Clearing. Romance. Strong in the rain.



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