Glendinning, Erick H

Basic english for computing / - New York Oxford University Press 2002 - 136 p.

EVERYDAY USES OF COMPUTERS. Tuning-in. Listening: computer uses. Reading: computers in everyday life. TYPES OF COMPUTER. Tuning-in. Listening: buying a computer 1. Language work: comparison. PARTS OF A COMPUTER. Tuning-in. Listening: buying a computer 2. Language work: the motherboard. KEYBOARD AND MOUSE. Tuning-in. Listening: the keyboard. Language work: present simple. INTERVIEW: STUDENT. Tuning-in. Listening. Language work: who-questions. INPUT DEVICES. Tuning-in. Listening: voice input. Reading: input devices. OUTPUT DEVICES. Tuning-in. Listening: printers. Reading: how to read a monitor ad STORAGE DEVICES. Tuning-in. Listening: hard disk drive. Reading: storage devices. GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE. Tuning-in. Listening: dialog box. Reading: wimp. INTERVIEW: COMPUTING SUPPORT ASSISTANT. Tuning-in. Listening. Language work: adverbs. NETWORKS. Tuning-in. Listening: networks. Listening: network topologies. COMMUNICATIONS. Tuning-in. Listening: voicemail. Reading: video conferencing. THE INTERNET 1: EMAIL AND NEWSGROUPS. Tuning-in. Listening: email. Reading: newsgroups. THE INTERNET 2: THE WORLD WIDE WEB. Tuning-in. Listening. Language work: browser. INTERVIEW: WEBSITE DESIGNER. Tuning-in. Listening. Language work: indicating. WORD PROCESSING. Tuning-in. Listening: word processing screen. Reading: draft letters. DATABASES AND SPREADSHEETS. Tuning-in. Reading: database search. Listening: spreadsheet. GRAPHICS AND MULTIMEDIA. Tuning-in. Listening: drawing a graphic. Reading: desktop publishing (DTP). PROGRAMMING. Tuning-in. Listening: flowcharts. Reading: types of error. INTERVIEW: ANALYST/PROGRAMMER. Tuning-in. Listening. Language work: present simple vs present continuous. LANGUAGES. Tuning-in. Listening: a basic program. Reading: computing languages. LOW-LEVEL SYSTEMS. Tuning-in. Listening: the CPU. Reading: the machine cycle. FUTURE TRENDS 1. Tuning-in. Listening: virtual reality. Reading: future developments. FUTURE TRENDS 2. Tuning-in. Listening: schooling of the future. Reading: future trends. INTERVIEW: IT MANAGER. Tuning-in. Listening. Language work: certainty 2. ISSUES IN COMPUTING. Tuning-in. Listening: access systems. Reading: viruses. CAREERS IN COMPUTING. Tuning-in. Reading: computing jobs. Listening: talking about work. INTERVIEW: SYSTEMS MANAGER. Tuning-in. Listening. Language work: revisión.



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