Ogden, Charles

Edgar & Ellen : Under town / Charles Ogden - New York Aladdin 2004 - 140 p.

MORNING BREAKS. Pie for breakfast. Bad eggs. Flung. Back to the drawing board. BRICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK YOUR BONES. What runs beneath. Pilferer`s progress. Hitting the wall. Rest easy, ye fearful citizens. What yumley saw. The new neighbors. The plight of Berenice. Something`s amiss in the junkyard. The blustery day. Turbinal velocity Retracing steps. TO THE SEWERS AND BEYOND. Holloweb ground. A lab in the dark. Notes from undergrund. On the warpath. The inner sanctum. Smelt. Prankster`s block. Erratic behaviors. Fish in a barrel. Good twin, bad twin. The last straw. The mason strikes again. Unusual suspects. Read any good books cately?. MAN`S BEST FRIEND IS A BEE. Pray for the prey. Welcome to my parlor. Great minds think alike. A plotter`s demand. As the table turns. View from the top. The burial. The fall of Edgar and Ellen. Eugenia balks. Seedy business. Foundation day. Drama behind the port-a-potties. The mayour`s bluff. CONFESSIONS OF A GUILY ANARCHIST. How to build a vey call building. The flight of the bowling ball. Bob has a theory. A league of enemies. Shoot.



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