Stinebrickner, Bruce ed

American Government 03/04 / Bruce ed Stinebrickner - [s.l.] McGraw-Hill 2004 - 223 p.

FOUNDATIONS OF AMERICAN POLITICS. BASIC DOCUMENTS. The declaration of independence, 1776. The constitution of the United States, 1787. The size and variety of the union as a check on faction. CONTEMPORARY VIEWS AND VALUES. Why don´t they like us. Bowling together: the United States of America. The black white wealth gap. CONSTITUTIONAL AND LEGAL MATTERS. It´s a war, stupid understanding and misunderstanding the detainees. Overruling the court. Guns and tobacco: government by litigation. STRUCTURES OF AMERICAN POLITICS. THE PREDIDENCY. Gone are the giants. The return of the imperial presidency. Fixing the appointment process. CONGRESS. On their own terms. Postcards from Sisyphus: what i saw during the confirmation wars. Improving oversight: the endless task of congress. THE JUDICIARY. A judge speaks out. The third branch. Politics by other means. One branch among three. BUREAUCRACY. Turkey farm. Reforming U.S. intelligence after the terrorist attack. Police blotter. PROCESS OF AMERICAN POLITICS. Overview. Running scared. Family tree, party roots. An emerging republican majority?. Office politics. THE CONDUCT OF ELECTIONS. Making every vote count. A better way. The evil of access. INTEREST GROUPS. Government´s end. Associations without members. Identity crisis. MEDIA. Journalism. The making and democracy. The beat goes on. Liberal lessons from welfare reform. HOMELAND ANND NATIONAL SECURITY. The new Rome meets the new barbarians. Immigration and terrorism.



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