Appleby, Joyce

The american journey / Joyce Appleby, Alan Brinkley, James M. Mcpherson - New York McGraw-Hill 2002 - 1069 p.

Donado por la Embajada Americana.

DIFFERENT WORLDS MEET. The first Americans. Exploring the Americas. COLONIAL SETTLEMENT. Colonial America. The colonies grow. CREATING A NATION. Road to independence. The American Revolution. A more perfect union. THE NEW REPUBLIC. A new nation. The Jefferson era. Growth and expansion. THE GROWING NATION. The Jackson era. Manifest destiny. North and south. CIVIL WAR AND RECONSTRUCTION. Road to civil war. The civil war. Reconstruction and its aftermath. RESHAPING THE NATION. The western frontier. The growth of industry. Toward an urban America. REFORM, EXPANSION, AND WAR. Progressive reforms. Overseas expansion. World war I. TURBULENT DECADES. The jazz age. The depression and far. World War II. TURNING POINTS. The cold war era. America in the fifties. The civil rights era. MODERN AMERICA. Search for stability. New challenges.



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