Bentley, Jerry H

Traditions encounters : Volumen I from the beginnings to 1500 / Jerry H Bentley - 2a. ed. - New York McGraw-Hill 2003 - 600 p. - Traditions Encounters .

THE EARLY COMPLEX SOCIETIES, 3500 TO 500 B.C.E. Before history. Early societies in southwest Asia and the indo-European migrations. Early African societies and the Bantu migrations. THE FORMATION OF CLASSICAL SOCIETIES, 500 B.C.E. TO 500 C.E... The empires of Persia. The unification of china. State, society, and the quest for salvation in India. THE POSTCLASSICAL ERA, 500 TO 1000 C.E. The commonwealth of Byzantium. The expansive realm of Islam. The resurgence of empire in East Asia. AN AGE OF CROSS-CULTURAL INTERACTION, 1000 TO 1500 C.E... Nomadic empires and Eurasian integration. States and societies of sub-Saharan Africa. Western Europe during the high middle ages.



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