Asher, Jay

13 reasons why / Jay Asher - 1a. ed. - [New York]; V&R editoras, 2017 - [314 p.]; 21 cm.

High school student Clay Jensen receives a mysterious package in the mail with seven cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, a classmate who recently committed suicide. The tapes had also been sent to several other of her classmates, instructing each of them to visit each person mentioned. As he listens to the tapes, he learns that there is a side for each person to whom Hannah attributes her reasons for committing suicide. At this point, the tapes come to Clay, who Hannah apologizes for including because he does not deserve to be on the list; they had genuine feelings for each other, and kissed once at a party. She mentions Justin again on a second tape, saying he left Jessica lying unconscious on a bed at a party. Hannah hid in a closet and witnessed someone raping her. Hannah says on the tape that Justin knew about this and let it happen. She also says that it's 'our fault' implying that she also blames herself for letting it happen. The next person listed is Bryce Walker, who is revealed to be Jessica's rapist. Hannah was walking past a party at Courtney's. Courtney, Bryce and some of the others were in the hot tub in just their underwear. Everyone left Hannah in the hot tub by herself and then Bryce got in and started to touch Hannah. When Hannah did not actively resist Bryce, he raped her. The last tape is for Mr. Porter, a temporary school counselor who told Hannah that if she was unwilling to press charges against "the boy" who raped her, she should "try to move on", even after Hannah expressed a desire to kill herself. After sending the tapes to the next person on the list, Clay returns to school and runs into his classmate Skye Miller, whom he suspects is also suicidal. The novel ends with Clay reaching out to her.



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