Richards, Jack C

Interchange 1 : teacher´s edition / - 3a. ed. - New York Cambridge 2005 - 241 p.

INTRODUCTION. Plan of book 1; The new edition; Student’s book overview. TEACHING NOTES. Please call me beth; How do you spend your day? Progress check; How much is it?; Dou you like the rap; Tell me about your family; How often do you excercise; We had a great time!; Whats your neighborhood like?; What does she like?; Have you ever ridden a camel?; Its very exciting place!; It really Works!; May I take your order?; The biggest and the best!; I’m going to a soccer match; A change for the better!. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES. Games; Fres ideas; Photocopiables; Languages summaries; Oral quizzes; Written quizzes, audio scripts, and answer key; Workbook answer key; Appendis; Acknowledgments.



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