Hill, David

English for information technology 2 / David Hill - 1a. ed. - Edimburgo Pearson Educación 2014 - 79 p.

Include CD-Rom; audio script page 72

WORKING IN IT. IT and duties; IT organisations; IT workplace rules; Meetings. IT SYSTEMS. System specifications; GUI operations; Multimedia hardware; Operating systems; Business matters. DATA COMMUNICATION. Internet browsing; Netxorks; Mobile computing; Email; Business matters. ADMINISTRATION. Spreadsheets and formulae; Databases; Systems administration; Peripherals; Business matters. CHOICE. Web hosting; IT costs; Product research; Making recomendations; Business matters. INTERACTIONS. Enterprise social media; Video conferencing; E-commerce; Training users; Business matters. DEVELOPMENT. Requirements analisys; Website desing and architecture; Software development; Project management; Business matters. IT SOLUTIONS. Investigations; Diagnosis; Solutions; Your future in IT; Your future in IT; Business matters



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